Using Barcodes

Barcodes make it easier to process orders in a POS system. With barcodes, no need to search for orders or navigate through touch screen categories to find an item to add to the order. Most products come with a barcode. You can also easily generate barcodes for your products using a Barcode generator. Medikal features a barcode generator for your that you can use for your products. There are also many free barcode generator applications on the Internet which can serve most needs. There are even online barcode generator websites where you can generate barcodes for free.

Info! To use barcodes, you will have to get a barcode reader device. There are many different types of barcode devices available in stores and online. Just make sure your barcode reader can read multiple formats because products from different countries can use different encodng formats for different types of products.
You can generate barcodes for any product that doesnt have a barcode, print it out in stickers and stick it to the products.

Just make sure you enter the same barcode number for the product in the inventory item edit form.

To generate barcode stickers for your items,

1. Go to the Inventory management page.
2. Search for the item you want to print a barcode for and make sure the barcode is correct.
3. Click on the barcode icon next to the item.
4. This will open up the barcode sticker generator page.
5. You can correct the barcode by changing the value in the barcode box.
6. You can also change the number or stickers you want to print by adjusting the value in the number of stickers box.
7. The number of barcode you specify will be generated automatically.
8. Press ctrl-p on your keyboard to open the print preview and then you can print the stickers.

To read the barcode when creating an order,

Just place your cursor on the barcode input box and on the POS console and scan the barcode using your barcode reader. The item will be automatically added to the list of items.

You can also type in the barcode number into the input box and the system will search and include the product item in the order.


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