Ward Rounds

Ward rounds are a regular feature for in-patients. To make the ward rounds more effective, Medikal provides a tool for doctors and nurses to enter notes from the ward rounds. These notes are automatically added to the patients history.

To add a ward round note,

1. Open the patient's page. (Click Patients menu, Select Manage Patient and Select the patient's name and click Continue ).
2. From the patient's page, click on the Ward Round menu on the left menu bar.
3. Click on New Ward Round button.
4. Enter the ward round note and click the Save button when done.

You can use this to record important information on the patient that other nurses and doctors can see when they access the patient's page.

NB: You can use a tablet for ward rounds (Android, IPad). The tablet can connect via Wifi if available and you can access the Medikal application using a browser from the tablet. We recommend you use the Chrome browser for best user experience.


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