Admissions Status

Medikal has a complete admissions module. Here, you can manage your wards and beds as well as manage in-patients seamlessly.

First, you can get a clear and simple view of the current ward and bed status. To access the admissions module, Click ADMISSIONS on the main menu select ADMISSIONS STATUS. This will take you to the admissions status page.

Here you will see the wards and beds arraigned in a grid format with very importat information displayed. If a bed is AVAILABLE, it will be indicated on the top right corner. If a bed is occupied by a patient, the patient's name and some other details will be displayed.

A summary of vacant and taken beds is displayed at the top of the page. You can filter the beds displayed by the wards. Just select a ward from the dropdown field at the top to view only beds from that ward. You can search for a bed usin gthe search box on the top right corner of the page. Just type the search text, e.g. bed2 and click on search to filter the displayed list.


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