Medikal Point of Sales

Medikal comes with a complete Point of Sales Application that is fully integrated with the rest of the softwate.

The Point of Sales application is used to manage and sell or dispense items from either the hospital dispensary or the hospital Pharmacy. The point of sales can also be used as a standalone application for any pharmacy.

We have provided two point of Sales application in one Medikal setup to cater separately for the dispensary and pharmacy. This is important in order for hospitals that run both a dispensary and pharmacy to offer separate pricing for both, if necessary.

The Point of Sales features includes,

We will look at the various features in the following sections. To launch the Point of Sales,

1. Click on the Dispensary/Pharmacy menu and select either POS Dispensary or POS Pharmacy.
2. This will launch the POS Screen from where you can sell items.
3. You can print out a sales report at any time of the day.

The NEXT section will show you how to sell items with the POS.


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