Types of Patients

Medikal provides the capability to manage different types of patients. Patients are segmented into different types of patient cards/groups. There are six different kinds of patients in Medikal. These include,

1. Personal cards are for single patients. It is the default registration type. It caters for one individual.

Note that all cards have mostly the same fields in the registration card, but the type of card makes certain features available to those cards.
For example, only patients with antenatal cards have the antenatal button/menu enabled in their patient page.

2. Family/Master Card. This type of card indicates a family or group. You can have up to 20 members per group for Starter and Standard versio. If you want more member per group, you will need to purchase an enterprise licence.

3. Family/Member Card. This type of card is opened for someone you want to add to a family master card. A family or group can be either a father/mother/ children group or an organisation group. This type of card is always attached to a family master card. When a family card is open for editng or management, any attached family meber cards are listed at the bottom of the page.

4. Antenatal cards/registration are cards opened for antenatal patients. It is important to open these kind of registrations as antenatal registrations. If you open it as a personal or group card, the card/registration will not have access to antenatal features.

5. Emergency cards are for emergency patients. Emergency registrations should be later converted to either personal or group cards. Emergency patients can be managed from the emergency menu.

6. Ambulatory patients can be created with this patient card type selection. Ambulatory patients have special features that regular patients dont have.

You can change the patient type anytime when editing a card. If you select a family/group member card, you will be prompted to select a family/group master card.


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