What is Medikal?

Medikal is a hospital information management software solution for hospitals and health centers seeking to have complete automation and comprehensive information management.

The medikal industry is a faily complex industry which houses many different types of systems and processes. With Medikal, we have taken these complex processes and simplified them for the every day user. The most important factor we considered in the development of Medikal was intuitiveness. User experience and ease of use is key if you want highly effective personel and if you want things done correctly and in good time.

By simplifying the systems and processes, we have delivered a very dynamic and intelligent system that can serve varying kinds of setups and use cases.

To start with, Medikal is built using web based technologies. We decided to build it as a web based system because today's business and systems are fundamentally interconnected. Beyond performing regular organisational tasks, a good software today should be able to connect the organisation to it's customers (in this case, Patients and corporate customers). The relationship should not end when the customer leaves the organisations premises.

With Medikal, your customers can track their appointments, schedule new appointments and even get their financial status where ncessary.


Here is a quick list of features in Medikal

1. Patients Registration

2. Group/Corporate Registration

3. Antenatal Registration

4. Emergency

5. Ambulatory

6. Patients Management

7. Patients Medical status

8. Patients History

9. Admissions

10. Appointments

11. Consultancy Services

12. Diagnosis and Prescriptions

13. Ward Rounds Management and reporting

14. Drug Administration management, tracking, costing

15. Vital Signs/Measurements

16. Surgery management and reporting

17. Laboratory Management

18. Media management (Pictures/Video)

19. In Patient, Out Patient

20. Ward and Beds management, assignments

21. Admissions History

22. Staff management

23. Staff Scheduling, shift management and reports

24. Birth registration

25. Death registration

26. Double entry accounting, including accounts, expenses, Income, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss

27. Inventory management, products, product categories, reorder levels, supplier management, invoicing

28. POS of sales software with support of receipt printers, barcode readers and order tracking

29. User management and security

Optional Modules include:

30. Organisation Personel and visitors tracking system with staff and visitor;s clockin/clockout, QR code, Google ID and realtime location support

31. Customer Relationship Management System

This documentation is organised to give you a step by step tutorial of Medikal. Its terminology, tools and processes.

Thank you for choosing Medikal

Edwin Okugbo

Chief of Operations

The Medikal Team


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