Manage onHold Orders

Sometimes, while you are making an order, there might be a reason to pause that order and process it as a later time. e.g. if the cliet is not ready or client payment doesnt for through. To achieve this, Medikal POS provides a HOLD function that allows you to put a order on hold (or pause) to be processed at a later time. This is a very useful feature during sales.

There are a few things to note about onHold orders though. These include,

To place and order on Hold,

1. While the order is still running, click the Hold button.
2. When prompted if you want to Put This Order OnHold?, click the Yes button.
3. The order will be placed on hold and a new order will be opened.

To resume an order onHold,

1. Click on the onHold(2) button, to list orders currently onHold.
2. From the listed orders, click on the Edit icon for the order you wish to resume.
3. When prompted if you want to Resume This OnHold Order?, click the Yes button.
4. The order will be opened for processing. Complete the order as required.

The NEXT section will show you how to use barcodes.


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