Manage Inventory Categories

Inventory management is a very important part of any hospital management. So Medikal provides some very useful tools for managing your inventory. We have also tried to make the process as simple as possible.

The first step to managing your inventory is dividing them into categories. Your inventory here includes drugs and other items used in patients treatment and services e.g. bandages, cotton wool, etc. Both your dispensary and pharmacy typically houses, processes and dispenses/sell your inventory. So the processes described here applies to both.

To manage inventory categories,

1. Click on the Dispensary/Pharmacy menu and select CATEGORIES.
2. This opens up the Categories Management page. Here you will see all the catgories listed to your left and a New Category form to your right.
3. Typical categories for your inventory include TABLETS, SYRUPS, INJECTIONS. You can add your own categories using the New Category form to your right.

Note that the categories you create here will form the category buttons for the Point of Sales touch screen. So make sure you use names that are simple and clear and not too long. A category name should typically not be more than 15 characters long.

To create a new Category,

1. Fill the forms fields in the NEW CATEGORY form tou your right. Fields are,

2. The HTML description is and optional field used to create a HTML formatted description of the category.
3. Click the Save button to save the category.

To EDIT a new Category,

1. Click on the edit icon on the category you wish to edit.
2. This will display the category edit form with the field populated with the one you clicked.
3. Fill the form fields are required.
4. Click the Save button to save the edit.


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