Patient Transactions

The patient's TRANSACTIONS page displays all of a patient's transactions. These include, charges for services, payments, charges for drugs administered amongst others. Every charge or payment made for the current patient is listed on this page. To view the current patient's transactions, click on the Transactions menu in the Manage Patient page.

All the patient's transactions are listed on this page.

You can filter the transactions by date. Just select the From: date and To: date and click the Go button.

To print the current transactions, just click the Print button on the top right corner. You can use the printout as an invoice for the patient. Just filter the transactions as required and printout the listed transactions.

To charge a patient for a service, use the Charge Patient tool on the Manage Patient page. Just Click on the tool and the box will drop open for your use.

To post a payment or discount, click on the Post Payment tool on the Manage Patient page and the tool will open up for your use.


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