Request A Test

After you have setup the Test groups, Test items and the test Parameters, you are now ready to run your Laboratory with Medikal HMS software.

The Laboratory process is simple.

To request a Test,

1. From the Patient's page on the MANAGE PATIENT module, click on the Lab Test(s) menu on your left menu bar.
2. Click on the New Lab Test button on your top right corner.
3. This will open up the Request Lab Tests page. First, Select a test group with the select box on the bottom of the page.
4. From the listed tests, select the test you want to request. You will see it added to the order list on your right.
5. You can select multiple tests from the listed tests. Note that your selection is toggles when you click on it. (i.e. it is either added or removed each time you click on it)
6. When done, save your request by click the Save button on your bottom right corner.
7. The request will be save and will now appear on the test(s) list on the MANAGE LABORATORY module.
8. The doctor will be redirected back to the Patient's page.

Next, you need to charge the Lab request.


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