Patient Vital Signs

The VITAL SIGNS page can be accessed by simply clicking the Vital Signs menu on the manage patient page. You will see a list of the patient's last vital signs sorted in descending order (Most recent first).

To take a new set of vitals, click on the New Vital Signs button. This will open up the Vital Signs popup where you can enter the patient's vitals. The fields to enter include:

You can leave the BP field blank for Children except in special cases that require it. Click on the Save button when done. Note that you might not be allowed to save the data if you enter outrageous values in the boxes. For example, you will not be able to save your entries if you enter a height above 3.5 meters. 3.5 Meters is approximately 11 feet which is outrageous height for humans. The system will calculate the patients BMI and save it along with the vitals.

If you go back to the STATUS view. you will see the last VITAL SIGNS you entered. Any value that is out of the normal range, will flash. This helps doctors and other personel take note of such anomalies.

You can retake the vitals as many times as necessary. There is no limitation on it. The system will just stack it together with the most recent entries showing first on the list and on the STATUS page.


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