Patient Prescriptions

The Prescription page can be accessed by simply clicking the Prescription menu on the manage patient page. You will see a list of the patient's last prescriptions sorted in descending order (Most recent first).

To enter a new patient prescription, click on the New Prescription button. This will open up the New Prescription page where you can fill out the patient prescriptions.

Filling Out A Patient Prescription

The prescription page have 3 sections. The first section is where you can enter the diagnosis for the patient. The second section is where you enter the prescription details and in the third section, you can enter any extra notes.

Select A Diagnosis

1. Type a search word in the search box and click the search icon to search for a diagnosis.
2. Select a diagnosis from the list returned.

Enter The Drug Items

1. Select a drug from the drug name field.
2. Select Start Date and End Date.
3. Enter the drug dosage. e.g. 100
4. Select the drug measure, e.g. mg or ml.
5. Select the prescription option e.g. Twice Daily.

Enter a Prescription Note

1. Enter a note in the prescription note box if necessary.

Click on the Save button when done. The prescription is automatically entered into the patient's medical records.

You can checkout all prescriptions for all patients from the prescription module. To view all prescriptions, 1. Click on the Dispensary/Pharmacy menu. 2. Select Prescriptions from the drop down menu. 3. This will open up the Prescriptions page where you can view all prescriptions.


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