Ward Rounds

The patient's WARD ROUND page can be access by clicking on the Ward Round menu on the manage patient page. This will bring up a list of the patient's Ward Round notes, if avaliable, sorted in descending order (Most recent first).

To enter a new Ward Round note, click on the New Ward Round button. This will open up the Ward Round note entry popup. From here, you can post a new Ward Round note and save it.

Why Ward Round Notes?

Ward round notes are useful when doctors and nurses examine in patients in the wards. The doctor or nurse do not need to come back to their desk before they can enter notes into the patient's file/medical records. With the help of tablet devices, a doctor can enter his notes right by the patient's bed. This help to completely eliminate paper and ensures data integrity in the work flow.

After entering the note, click on the Save button to save. The note is saved to the patients history.

You can also add images to the ward round notes. To add an image to a note,

1. From the list of entries, click the Camera icon on the item you want to add an image to.
2. Select a picture file to upload from the device file system.
3. Enter a title and description for the image if applicable.
4. click on the Save button to save.


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