Setting Up Wards and Beds

Before you can begin assigning patients to beds, you will need to setup your wards and beds. Hospitals and health facilities normally have beds spaces for patients. These bed spaces are normally arranged in wards. Medikal is designed to take care of this easily.

To setup your wards and beds,

1. Go to the admin backend. You can access the admin backend by typing http://your-ip-or-domain-or-localhost/medikal/admin. Depending on your setup, you will be accessing Medikal on your server where you installed it using an IP address, e.g., or a domain alias, e.g. or localhost e.g. http://localhost/medikal. Localhost is normally the address to use if Medikal is accessed from the same system it is installed.
2. From the admin backend, click on Settings and then click on Wards/Beds.
3. A list of all beds will be displayed. To setup a new bed, click the red sign at the top of the page.
4. Enter the name of the ward followed by the name of the bed and click the Save button when done. The bed will be added to the list. If you typed an already existing ward, the bed is added to that ward. If the ward you typed doesnt exist, it is created automatically.

To Edit a Ward/Bed,

1. From the list of Wards/Beds, click on the EDIT tool.
2. Edit the name of the Ward or Bed as required.
3. Click the Save button to save your edit.

To delete a Ward/Bed,

1. From the list of Wards/Beds, click on the DELETE tool for the Ward/Bed you want to delete. 2. You will get a warning prompt if you really want to do this. Confirm you want to delete it and it will be deleted.

Setup all your beds and wards on this page. You can now go back to the admissions module to make use of the beds and wards you have created.


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