Patient Registration Form

The patient registration form is used to register a patient. With it, you can take all the patients bio data. The form presents a set of mandatory fields that must be filled. You cannot save the form if you dont fill the mandatory fields. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterix. (*)

Register a New Patient

To register a new patient,

1. Click on the Patient Menu
2. Click on New Patient
3. You will be presented with a menu to select a card option. Select the card option you wish to register.
4. This will open up the patient form. You can go ahead and fill out the form. 5. After filling out the form fields, click the save button to save the form.
6. You will be prompted to fill any unfilled mandatory field before you can save the form
7. You can add the patients picture before saving. To add a picture, click on the button under the photo box, then select a file from the system to add. You can take a photo with the system camera, if present, save it to disk and select it when you click the Choose File button.
8. After saving, the system redirects you to the same patient card but this time, you will be in edit mode. From here, you can either make further changes to the card or Click on the button to go to the patients page.

To edit old patient cards,

1. Click on the Patients menu and click Patients Grid.
2. If necessary, search for the patient you want using the search box
3. Click on the Edit icon. This will open up the patient card for editing
4. Note that you must have patient read/write permission to create or edit patient cards.
5. If you are unable to save your edits, please contact the Admin for the right permissions.

Special Fields Explained

Hospital No. The hospital number is automatically generated by the system for every new patient form created. You do not need to generate or edit this number. The hospital number also follows a format that combines the hosital initials, the current date and the patient index to create a number for the patient.

Organisation. You can select a clients organisation. Specifying client organisations is important for you to be able to identify your patients based on the sponsoring organisations. This should not be confused wih a billing group.

Billing Group. A billing group is a special field setup to help you bill your patients in a smart way. Patients are billed for items and services based on a general pricing. But some hospitals have arrangements where they are supposed to bill some organisations a different price for items and services. The billing group helps you do this easily and seamlessly. The billing group gives you two options for billing customers. They are:

1. Fixed percentage and
2. Fixed amount

You can setup a billing group, for example, that allows you to bill certain group of patients by adding a fixed percentage to every service billed.

If you specify a 10% option, the system will calculate 10% of the cost of item and add it to the price before billing the patient. So a service of N1000 becomes N1100 when billed. If you specify a fixed amount of say, N200, the amount billed for a N1000 service becomes N1200 and for a N5400 service, it becomes N5600. You can create as many billing groups as necessary. All new patients are assigned to the default billing group which defaults to the default price specified for items.


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