Appointments are a very important feature for customer interaction. Doctors can use appointments to arrange patients regular visits or to schedule important treatments, consultations, surgeries, etc. Appointments can really help doctors organise patient interaction and keep track of visits.

Medikal provides a comprehensive appointment module with the needed tools to help the hospital manage their patient/customer appointments.

To view all appointments,

Click in Appointments menu and select Manage Appointments.

You can filter the appointments by date, doctor and searchkey.

To filter by Doctor,

- Select a doctor from the doctor's dropdown list.
- The appointments for that doctor (if any) will be displayed.

To filter by date,

- Select a date from the date field at the top of the page.
- The appointments for the selected date will be displayd on page refresh.

To filter by a search keyword,

- Type a search keyword in the search box at the top of the page. e.g. name.
- The system will search for matching appointments and display them.

To create a new appointment, see the next help item.


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