Manage Orders

An order is a complete sale of items that includes one or more items. It also includes an order number, amount paid, change given, customer name, if applicable, discounts or tax applied.

Every sale you make on the POS is an order. Orders can not be edited after they have been posted but they can be recalled and printed. They are also printed in the sales report.

You cannot print an order until you have posted it. An order is posted when you click on the Pay button, enter a payment amount and click the Pay Now! button. You can reset the order item lised as long as you have not posted it. You can also cancel an un-posted order.

Orders functions include,

1. Click on Cancel button to cancel an order.
2. Click on the Reset button to reset all items in an order.
3. Click on the Hold button to place an order on hold. full instructio on how to place and manage orders on hold is provided in the Manage Hold Orders section of this help
4. You can list old orders by clicking the Order button. 5. You can search for old orders using the search tool provided.
6. The search tool includes a date tool for selecting order from selected date and a search box for searching for order based on the order number or customer name.

The NEXT section will show you how to use the touch screen mode.


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