Setup Test Groups

The first step in setting up the laboratory module is to first setup test groups.

Test groups are a collection of similar tests that normally go togther. An example of a test group is Diabetes Test or Lipid Profile test. For Diabetes test, a patient will have to undergo a number of tests like FASTING BLOOD SUGAR, RANDOM BLOOD SUGAR, 2HPP and OGTT.

Medikal laboratory module by design organises tests into groups so they are easily managed. All tests are setup under a group even when a group contains only one test. For example, COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT test is one test but is still setup as a group as well as a test item.

Medikal comes with a number of test groups already setup and you dont need to change them. But you can setup your own new test groups.

To setup a new test group,

1. Click the Lab menu and then select MANAGE TEST GROUPS
2. This will open up the test groups page and you will see a list of already setup groups.
3. On the right of the page, you will see a NEW GROUP form. You can use this to add a new test group.
4. Fill out the form fields as required. They are:

5. Click the Save button when done.

Once saved, this group becomes available to everyone who has appropriate access to the lab module.

To Edit a saved test group,

1. From the Manage Tests page, click on the Edit icon for the test group you want to edit.
2. This will display the Edit Group form and populate the fields from the group data.
3. Edit the field data as required.
4. Click the Save button when done.

To Delete a saved test group,

1. From the Manage Tests Group page, click on the Delete icon for the test group you want to delete.
2. You will get a warning prompt to confirm if you really want to delete the group.
3. Click "Yes! Delete It!" to continue delete or CANCEL to cancel the delete process.


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