In-Patients Transactions

There are a few technicalities to note about transactions for in-patients.

All patients are mostly billed from the patient's page. Most patients will pay their bills at the end of a day's visit or consultation. But In-patients can sometimes make cash deposits as required by the hospital policy.

You can post any cash or check or credit/debit card deposit to the patient's account.

To post a patient's deposit,

1. Open the patient's page (Click Patients->Select Manage Patients->Select patient from list).
2. On your right column, click on the POST PAYMENT tool.
3. The tool will open up. Enter the amount to post.
4. Select the action e.g. CASH DEPOSIT.
5. Enter a note if you have a special message to indicate e.g. patient was giving a special discount by the Manager.
6. Click on the Post button to save.
7. The amount posted will be reflected on the patient's balance on your top right corner.

You can print out an invoice for the patient using the print button on the transaction window of the patient. Just click on the transaction menu on your left menu bar in the patient page and filter the transactions as required.


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