Assign Patient to Ward/Bed

There are two ways to assgin patients to Wards/Beds.

1. From the patient's page in the MANAGE PATIENT module.
2. From the admissions module.

To assign a patient to Bed from the Patient's page on the MANAGE PATIENT module,

1. Click Patient menu and select Manage Patient.
2. Select the patient from the dropdown list and click Continue.
3. From the open patient's page, click the Admissions menu on the left menu bar.
4. An Admission window will open up. Here you will see Current Wards and Available Beds. If you click on any ward, the available beds for that ward will be displayed.
5. Select the Ward and Bed you want to assign the patient to and click the Assign button on your top right corner. The patient will be automatically assigned to that Ward/Bed.
6. You can also select a Start Date and End Date if known (This should be left as it is most of the time, except the patient's stay duration is explicitly known).

To Assign a patient to Ward/Bed from the Admissions Module,

1. Click on the Admissions menu and then select Manage Admissions.
2. From the list of Wards/Beds look for the bed you want to assign the patient to by either using the Ward filter dropdown tool or the search tool.
3. On the Bed you want to assign the patient to, click on the Assign link.
4. Select a patient to assign from the patient dropdown list.
5. Select a Start Date and End Date if known, else leave as it is.
6. Enter a note if necessary, else leave blank.
7. Click on the Assign button to save.

Patient is now assigned to the Bed and the patient's information will be displayed on the Bed.


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