Setup Result Parameters

Test parameters are the parameters the lab scientist has to fill out on every test. For example, a Chemical Pathology Test includes items like Sodium, Potassium, etc that will be filled from the results of the test.

This has to be setup for some tests. Some tests just have a simple result field that has to be filled.

As expected, Medikal comes with parameters already setup for the tests that are already setup. If you need to setup new parameters for a new test though, just follow these steps.

To setup a result parameter,

1. Click on the Lab menu and select MANAGE RESULT PARAMETERS.
2. This will open up the manage result parameters page and you will see a list of already setup test result parameters.
3. On the right of the page, you will see a NEW PARAMETER form. You can use this to add a new test result parameter.
4. Fill out the form fields as required. They are:

5. Click the Save button when done.

Each Parameter must be attached to one test group. If you have a parameter that is common to more than one test group, just create a second one with the same name if you prefer, and attach it to the second or third, etc, test groups.

To Edit a test parameter,

1. From the Manage Result Parameters page, click on the Edit icon for the parameter you want to edit.
2. This will display the Edit Parameter form and populate the fields from the parameter data.
3. Edit the field data as required.
4. Click the Save button when done.

To Delete a saved Parameter,

1. From the Manage result Parameters page, click on the Delete icon for the Parameter you want to delete.
2. You will get a warning prompt to confirm if you really want to delete the item.
3. Click "Yes! Delete It!" to continue delete or CANCEL to cancel the delete process.


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